Liam Tart

3D Environment Artist

Alien: Isolation (Professional)

I was an environment artist on Alien: Isolation, the direct sequel to the original ‘Alien’ film. This game intended to replicate the visual style of Alien, whilst expanding the universe past the limited environments of the original film. The game takes place onboard the abandoned, orbiting space station ‘Sevastopol’ and features a wide variety of environments. Alien: Isolation was widely praised on release, and won various awards including a few ‘game of the year‘ awards.


Due to the nature of the project, different artists worked on a variety of levels, meaning assets went through many iterations, but everything boiled down to 4 easily identifiable archetypes. I was very fortunate to have been given the first level of the game (The Torrens) to work on. This includes the iconic cryo stasis room from the original Alien film. The original cryo room was used in the pre-order DLC for the game, and the modified version was used in the first level of the game. I also designed the interactive computer terminal used throughout the game.


I was also involved in creating the final section of the game, ‘Towing Platform’ which sees Amanda frantically trying to escape the Sevastopol whilst it is crumbling around her.


The following screenshots are from levels I worked on throughout the game. However, I worked on these levels with a group of very talented artists so I would like to give them credit for these screenshots too.




(Thanks to DeadEndThrills for the great screenshots!)