Liam Tart

3D Environment Artist

City 17 Stairwell and Attic (UE4) (Personal)

This exercise was started as an exercise to learn Substance Designer and Painter and change my workflow from a traditional Photoshop-based texture creation process, to a fully procedural Substance material creation process. Every material used in this scene was created or heavily modified in Substance Designer, with some props requiring use of Substance Painter.


Half-life 2 is one of my favourite games, so I saw this as a great opportunity to make a tribute to it, whilst learning some new processes along the way.


I created a library of Substance materials for this scene, and textured everything procedurally using colour ID maps to distinguish between different materials.


You can download and play the scene here. It also works with Oculus Rift VR so if you have a headset, you can plug it in and run around the scene in virtual reality!


You can see more screenshots and information on Artstation and you can also see my work in progress thread on Polycount.