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Are you looking forward to launching your website but don’t know about digital marketing? If you are an entrepreneur but trying to launch a successful website regarding your business then this article is for you! You invested a hefty amount to design and launch your website undoubtedly- but, all you need is to promote it through digital marketing strategies. Let’s have a quick look how a social marketing company in kolkata is going to change your luck in online platforms.

According to recent statistics, 71% of consumers love to buy goods from social media references. Our young generation believes in social media more than anything, and social media influence 47% of young users. In a word, social media has become a tool more than a platform.   

The first and foremost reason for digital marketing is it helps to promote a website. If you have your website, it should be encouraged so that you get viewers or readers.

If you want to make it popular, then it needs some other tools to get promoted. Let’s have a look at some basic steps, which are mentioned below:

The vital role of Social media marketing with SEO

  • Let me share a recent statistic- there are almost 2 million websites in WWW, and the terms and conditions are rapidly changing.
  • So, why would Google choose your website while any user is searching something? Your website needs a secretary, a proper rank, and useful content in the search list efficiently. For this reason, we use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technique.     
  • SEO helps your website to get the highest rank in search.

Trafficking in websites 

  • Proper usage of SEO can reduce the unwanted traffic on your website. If your reader has to wait for minutes to open your website, you only lose your viewers.

Keywords are the keys.

  • Yes! Keywords that are used in web content are one of the essential tools to enhance your website. It brings more audiences to catch up on your website.

Linking with Hyperlinks

  • External Links are hyperlinks that are used for reference in content or on the website. A user can go to another page to link on the hyperlink. 
  • Most of the time, clients even want to know your research level, and it depends on your external links and how you have used it.

Tags are great clues.

  • Alt tags help search engines to know and understand the images that are used by the writer. It works as a reference. 
  • The writing descriptions of given ideas helps search engines to channelize it and get them contented. Similarly, if any writer chooses non-contextual images, Google can’t get a clear picture of the content, and hence, it will be discarded quickly.

Use social media as your promotional platform.

  • Nowadays, Social media play a significant impact on digital marketing. It is one of the highly preferable platforms to promote digital marketing.
  • If you have started your website or blogging site- you can reach millions of people if you use any social media platform efficiently.
  • Using social media is less time consuming and easy to handle by any smart employee.


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